Tuesday, October 31, 2017

West Hills mini van crash, 1 man critical D.U.I. arrest - Halloween | raw footage

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West Hills News | Drunk Driver Halloween Crash Party

A 2006 Mazda MPV LX Minivan traveling west bound along the 23100 block of Roscoe Blvd at 8:31 pm Halloween night October 31st, 2017 had veered into the far right lane, jumping the curb outside of the West Hills Gated community called Hidden Hills cross street Sedan Av at Roscoe Blvd on Tuesday evening . 

Credits: Baddboyfilms News, October 31, 2017 (West Hills, CA)

D.U.I. Crash | Halloween night in West Hills, CA | Raw Footage 

Raw Footage Credits: Baddboyfilms News

Right as Tricker Treaters began their hunt for piles of candy bars, here comes this person traveling in a mini van, the van struck the curb then knocked down the street sign and kept traveling as the van crashed into the street light police LADWP , exposing hot 220 volt wires at it’s base. 

The pole was sheered off. The minivan traveled a distance more into two cabinets, one being a AT&T or P G &E cabinet power distribution box that controls various factions of street laps and signals down the street. 

It’s a power distribution for LADWP. It’s expensive. 

The driver’s Minivan had a very strong reek of Alcohol in the driver’s seat area floor and their wear signs of drinking and driving upon the entering of this scene. The Los Angeles Police and Fire Paramedics rushed into a few blocks off this street where apparently the driver was to transport to a local hospital.  The injuries are unknown at this time and it was unclear as to how many were injured. 

The alcohol was strong inside the crashed vehicle, there was a Baby On Board, Drive Safely sign which was attached to the rear window visible to the outsiders. It had a License plates of Arizona. 

The floor of the minivan shown signs of children at play as there were Krayola crayons thrown across the floors inside the drunken smelling crash site.

No other vehicles were reported involved and it is unknown as to what caused this crash. LAPD are still leading this investigation, Authorities said. 

Baddboyfilms News

On scene: LAPD Topanga Station, E106, RA from Fire station 106.